Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

In some cases, you don’t need to be a specialist to understand that you have gone over something uncommon. You simply feel it. However, when you’re going to spend a considerable sum of the hard-earned money on a costly practice bike, you can’t rely exclusively on your feelings. You need to do your due diligence and invest some energy doing the research on the issue.

At this point, my amazing site comes in. From the very first moment it becomes obvious that unobtrusiveness is not my strong suit, but rather the ability to compare the advantages and disadvantages of every practice bicycle and make a guess if it is worth the cost.

As you have already learned, Schwinn turned into an easily recognized name due to their conventional outside bicycles. I really used to possess one of those, and if I search, probably I will still find it somewhere in my garage, underneath a heap of garbage. In any case, not so long ago I didn’t know they had also entered the practice bicycle market. They actually did decades ago. Anyway, I am happy about that.

Everything seems to demonstrate that the company is giving these indoor bicycles a similar consideration as they provided for traditional bikes, so we will have a look at exclusive peculiarities their most recent recumbent bicycle, the Schwinn 270, has to offer for its users.

Schwinn 270 vs. Schwinn 230

I can’t discuss the Schwinn 270 without highlighting the discrepancies between this specific model and the Schwinn 230. Considering all the features, the two recumbent bicycles look practically identical, so you should ask why you ought to spend additional money on the latest one. Well, let me clarify, despite at first the differences may be irrelevant, but these are little items that matter. Schwinn 230 chooses a vented, shaped seat base, while the Schwinn 270 includes an additional layer of comfort due to the thick cushioned contoured seat bottom.

Besides, there are a few differences considering the resistance. While the Schwinn 230 has only 20 levels of attractive eddy current, the Schwinn 270 goes for 25 levels, expanding the difficulty of the exercises to meet the necessity of the more professional users. Considering the workout programs, the 230 loses with the score 22 versus 29. In addition, it is important to mention the tests for recovery and fitness the Schwinn 270 includes.

Moreover, the 270 model has a bigger number of client profiles that can be saved. It’s unquestionably better to have an opportunity to store 4 rather than 2, particularly if a few individuals from the same family need to utilize this recumbent bicycle. Finally, other vital features of the Schwinn 270 are the pedals redesigned and the pedal cranks the item is equipped with. Currently, 3-piece pedal cranks as well as oversized pedals are used to replace the 1-piece ones in the 230 model.


Purchasing a recumbent bicycle, comfort is undoubtedly one of the main features that are taken into account by an overwhelming majority of customers. Many people select a recumbent bicycle since they experience they have frequent back pain. Still, they strive to remain fit, but they need to prevent their back from any sort of strain or pressure. The Schwinn 270 appears to realize those necessities, as the model features upgraded lower back support and cushioned seat for additional comfort.

What is also important, the seat can be balanced for different postures, and this is very useful if more than one user trains on the recumbent bicycle. You will get cool air during pedaling through the vented back. Add the implicit fan to other peculiarities, and you’ll never pause the workout again because of overheating, even despite the fact that the 3-speed fan isn’t ultimately strong.

Features and Peculiarities

For a model that is placed amidst the range instead of being at the top, it’s rather impressive that it is packed with 29 programs with tests, controls, heart rate and client profiles. The total of 25 resistance ranges is the same amazing, since it helps you to progress from easier exercises to heavier ones with a single touch of a basic button. Due to the fact that the equipment is completely digital, you don’t need to worry about turning handles for the necessary setting.

DualTrack Technology

Similar to the Schwinn 170, this model of bicycle shares the same sort of monitor, which can show 13 factual parameters split into two sections: the results of the present workout and the progress of the workout aim. The results incorporate RPM, overall distance, pulse, calories, intensity and other indexes. It’s a decent way to encourage yourself and track your success with the training goal.

Also, if you are really concerned about the statistics, you can transfer all the data into a USB drive, simply connecting to SchwinnConnect or MyFitnessPal.

Bells and Whistles

The bike is equipped with acoustic chamber speakers and water bottle holder, so you can easily have a break without stopping. Obviously, the bicycle has transport wheels, providing you with an opportunity to move it even more easily. The grip heart rate screen is another nifty specification, since you can look at your heartbeat in a matter of seconds simply by holding the grip with your hand. Preferring hands-free riding, you can utilize the mid-section strap heart rate screen with this bicycle, thought you should purchase it separately. Currently, this is ultimately great for users that have experienced heart issues or just need to remain in the target zone.