Best Elliptical Machine 2017 Buying Guide

When shopping for quality elliptical machines, such as Exerpeutic 5000 and SOLE Fitness E35, which are some of the best high-intensity and low-impact workout trainers available in the modern market, consumers often pay attention to the latest generation, including Nautilus E614, because they incorporate the most advanced technology, like downloadable exercise tracking information and extra-ergonomic support.

Nowadays, elliptical trainers are becoming more and more popular because they offer a safe and fun way to get efficient cardio workouts, lose weight and achieve other fitness goals, such as toning up the whole body. At gyms, they tend to be occupied during peak hours, and that’s why many people decide to buy them for home use. If you want to make the same choice, read this in-depth elliptical review to be guided to the right trainer that can fit your lifestyle habits. To hit perfect fitness levels, you need to exercise consistently, and it’s not always easy. However, buying a great elliptical machine is a correct step in this direction.

Consumers should know that this popular exercise equipment also provides them with wonderful full-body workouts. When using such machines, they can work with legs, glutes, arms, abs and other major muscle groups. With the best of them, it becomes possible to tailor regular workout sessions to the necessary challenge level by adjusting inclines, increasing resistance and moving legs and arms either slower or faster. With special onboard computers that provide important data, all users can track their current fitness progress, which is quite motivating whether they are toning up, slimming down, getting their heart rate up or sweating out extra calories.

Important Features of Elliptical Trainers

Basically, this exercise equipment is a sound investment, but before making any final choice people need to consider all important features because they make a great trainer, and the main ones are discussed below.


Just like with other equipment types, this feature is important. During workout sessions, users want to be focused on their exercises with elliptical trainers being almost their afterthought. The best one should disappear due to its stability and ability to fit exercisers. In general, heavier machines tend to be more stable, but higher-end models with better design trumps and lighter weight can provide the right stability.

Resistance Types and Tension Resistance Levels

When having more resistance levels, people can increase different challenges of their workouts in a more incremental way. The lower increments of their resistance levels mean that users are forced to make jumps in exercise challenges that they may not be prepared for. There are two basic types:

  1. Fan wheel resistance involves fan wheels that provide consumers with a smooth ride and are often employed on more affordable elliptical trainers.
  2. Magnetic resistance offers a quieter, more consistent and natural-feeling workout experience.

Elliptical Computers

Not all of the elliptical machines available in the market come with computers, but if they include this option, you should check the following:

  • Displays should be simple to read and come with their backlighting.
  • Data provided because the best elliptical computer always offers the necessary information, such as stride speeds, distance, time of sessions, heart rates and so on. Moreover, some models have an ability to upload all of these details to websites and external devices for efficient tracking progress.

Pre-Programmed Workouts

If elliptical machines come with computers (and most of them have this feature), they ideally include special programs that provide users with different workout options targeted at their cardio exercises, intervals, weight loss, etc.

Incline Adjustment

The possibility to adjust degrees of your incline is one of the most important things when using this exercise equipment. You should look for easy-to-use power-incline controls because they are better than manual settings. The best models come with diverse positions to offer more challenging and interesting workouts.

Stride Lengths

They vary from one elliptical trainer to another, and this aspect matters for some people more than for others. For most exercisers, 15-inch length is perfect, but if you are tall, choose longer stride lengths, and it’s not hard to find such models. For example, 20-inch length provides users with a natural stride if they prefer walking fast.

Adjustable Foot Pedals

Adjustable pivoting or articulating foot pedals are great in terms of avoiding possible injuries and replicating natural stride motions. Another great thing is that large pedal surface spaces allow users with different foot sizes to fit their feet in pedals comfortably. For instance, Sole Fitness offers this feature and has a 2-degree inward slope on all of its elliptical trainers that decrease stress on ankles and knees.

Flywheel Importance

As spin bikes and indoor exercise cycles, the flywheel is designed to create a more natural and fluid momentum to keep elliptical workout sessions from being jarring or jerky. It also helps people mimic their actual motion, and its dual direction type allows users to switch their rotation to exercise opposite muscles.

Hybrid Trainers

Such models as ProForm hybrid trainers are a great combination of recumbent or exercise bikes and elliptical machines. When using them, you can get 2-for-1 equipment, and it also features either a more upright seat (like in exercise bikes) or reclined (like in recumbent bikes). This option is perfect for many people, but it’s advisable to do some research to check high quality.

Additional Considerations

  • Fans and transportation wheels;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Step-on heights;
  • Power supply (batteries or external);
  • Water bottle, book and tablet holders;
  • Speakers with inputs;
  • Lasting warranties;
  • USB ports for data transferring and charging.

Best Elliptical Machines by Their Price Ranges

All elliptical trainers range in their prices: from $100 to $1,000. This means that consumers can get different quality for the money they spend. To make the right choice, check these favorites categorized by their prices below. The features and prices of elliptical machines range considerably, so people should be aware of top picks from different price ranges.

Sole E35 Elliptical

This model is on the top of the elliptical market for good reasons. The main thing that sets it apart from others is its close attention to details that can either make or break the consistency of workout sessions and achieving important fitness goals. This trainer guarantees an ergonomically engineered and safe stride in addition to a number of other features. It’s also designed in collaboration with qualified physical therapies and has two-degree inward adjustability for foot pedals, and this is what helps users decrease unwanted stress on joints. Besides, its stride length ensures that users of different heights can get their comfortable and effective workouts.

Sole E35 has a quiet drive system centered on its flywheel (29 pounds) and a high gear ratio that provides users with a smooth and natural feeling stride in reverse and forward motions. Its power incline system has a ramp angle, from 0 to 30 degrees, and it’s one of the best ranges out there. This feature enables people to isolate their muscle groups with different resistance levels and challenge positions. This exercise equipment comes with a lifestyle warranty on its frame and a 5-year warranty on all electronics and parts.

Other interesting features of this elliptical machine include water bottle holders, pulse grips, LCD consoles with a large monitor, chest strap heart rate monitoring, built-in fans, sound systems and so on. It offers gym quality that almost no other models can compete with, except its price.

Nautilus E614 Elliptical

It’s one of the newest machines in this market, but it has already got excellent ratings and reviews. The main reason is that this trainer put together the best features that consumers want in this type of equipment, but the greatest benefit is its affordable price. Its incredible features set it apart while helping all users to enjoy their workout sessions. In addition, this elliptical machine has an innovative dual-track LCD display monitor that allows everyone to rest a book or an iPad on a support tray (over a large monitor) while still being able to track progress on its 2nd lower display. Don’t forget about 30 resistance levels, 22 workout programs and manual routines because they won’t let you run out of available variations. There are also 3-speed fans, in-console speakers with MP3 inputs and adjustable inclines.

Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical

It’s a quiet and solid elliptical machine that provides consumers with an excellent value and efficient workouts. This exercise equipment also knows how to create smooth rides and natural elliptical motions without any jerking or bumping. Users can easily adjust resistance levels, while its computer has an easy-to-read and large LCD monitor that provides the necessary data, including caloric burn, distance, time and other details to track exercise progress. The best part is that it’s one of the lowest priced models, but it doesn’t compromise its quality.